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Homeschool Division

Whether your child dreams of being on stage or simply wants to have fun and stay active, our Homeschool Dance Division offers the perfect platform for growth, self-expression, and artistic development. Our brand new all girls homeschool dance program takes place on Thursdays from 10:00- 2:00.  Each session includes fitness, dance, and/or enrichment activities. Come join our #MOVEment and watch your child shine!

Our Daily Schedule

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We offer more than just great dancing!


 Dance Classes  Our Homeschool Division includes classes in our Tiny (2-3), Mini (3.5-4), Petite (5-6), Junior (7-9), and Tween (10-12) dance divisions. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching dance and empowering young dancers. From teaching the basics to refining advanced techniques, they will guide your child on an incredible dance journey. Our classes are designed to foster a love for movement, improve coordination, boost confidence, and develop an appreciation for different dance styles.

Enrichment  We're just different! Our Homeschool Dance Division goes beyond dance technique. In addition to exciting dance classes in ballet, tap, hip hop, and the trending Tik Tok Hip Hop for tweens, we offer a range of engaging activities. Experience the joy of yoga, unleash your creativity with poetry and crafts, and let your imagination soar during captivating story time sessions.

Academic Support  We understand that homeschooling comes with unique challenges. That's why we offer tutoring services for students who may need additional academic support. Our dedicated tutors are certified teachers who are here to help your child succeed academically while ensuring they have ample time to pursue their dance passion.

What does my child need?

Each day your child should wear her dance attire and bring her journal (tweens), water bottle, and dance shoes. 


Participants can find the required dress code for their age division by scanning the provided QR Code. 

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So...what's the cost?


The cost to attend is $55- $82.50/mo. due by the 25th.  While refunds are not available, students are welcome to make-up missed classes by attending one of our evening Dance Academy classes. 

Tutoring Sessions can be booked for $50/hr. 


***A $45 registration fee is due at enrollment for each dance season. Registration fees are non-refundable.****

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Benefits of Dance

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